Times of suffering

At times, all you can do is accept you’re uncomfortable and be as patient as possible. It is certainly painful emotionally and physically to feel uneasy for a season. It’s important to remind yourself that discomfort is temporary and that suffering is part of everything. There’s not much you can do for relief, but allow yourself to feel, process, and wait. While you wait, find ways to self-soothe and don’t forget there are many books to read, songs to listen to, and places to explore. Growth comes from suffering. Therefore, focusing on the growth ahead and that beautiful outcome helps me hold my head high when it feels so damn heavy.


  • Get outside. Do things for your well-being. Reflect. Be silly and wild! Play and explore. Be as active and engaged as possible. Love, hug, touch, kiss, and embrace. Practice gratitude daily.
  • Tech to correct posture?

    Loving on this post by Jonathan Hart: How We Went from Troglodyte to Upright!

    I’m not sponsored by Upright, but I use it and have seen positive results in my awareness of my posture. My core is stronger and my posture continues to improve. After using the device for a few weeks, I notice more frequently when I slouch with and without the device. I correct my posture sooner and am more disciplined in holding healthy posture for longer periods of time.

    How does the brain heal?

    Our brains have an extraordinary ability to reorganize, adapt, and recover. After all, they are ever evolving!

    But how do we truly harness this? Studies show frequent intermittent fasting and aerobic exercise promote neuron growth and synaptic plasticity. Meanwhile, these healthy habits reduce risk of many diseases.

    Recently, I have been studying the relationship between post traumatic stress and neuroplasticity. Mindfulness/meditation sparks neuroplasticity as well from what I have read!

    Want to learn more? Here’s a great intro:


    What is detached mindfulness?

    We tend to associate mindfulness with presence and engagement, but detached mindfulness (DM) suspends conceptual processing and biased thinking. Cultivating DM provides us with a more objective meta-awareness of what is and aids us in detaching from those “sticky” thoughts.

    Analyzing the data the world feeds us is important, but our aim is to strike a balance in the ways we absorb this data. I consider this a balance between processing and simply observing. This balance varies from person to person and can be realized by experimenting — making choices of how much be want to simply be, observe, and process.

    Excerpt from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

    “They say that before entering the ocean, the river trembles with fear. It looks back at the entire path it’s traveled, the summits, the mountains, the long and sinewy wide open path through jungles and villages, and it sees in front of it an ocean so vast, that entering it would mean to forever disappear. But there’s no other way, the river can’t return. Nobody can return. Going back is impossible in existence. The river needs to accept its nature and enter the ocean. Only by entering the ocean will the fear dilute, because only then will the river know that it’s not about disappearing into the ocean, instead it’s about becoming the ocean (Gibran).”

    I encountered this today. These words resonated with me and represent where I am in my life now. We experience this cycle of fear, acceptance, and courage. At times, living with heightened awareness/engagement hurts more than avoiding does, but engaging is living. No one promised us it would be easy. May we put on our helmets because life is not fair. It’s extremely tough and I think it’s that way to show us how strong we really are!

    When you hear a song and you’re like, “Damn. YES!!”

    This was definitely me after hearing this Taylor Swift’s “The Man” for the first time. If you haven’t heard it, I encourage you to listen. I connected to the truth it conveys. I felt her rawness. It is an important song! And this Forbes article emphasizes. We need to be more transparent about our feelings and these issues. This song has a message with so much substance we can’t ignore. How can we be our best with these double standards? We’ve made progress, but still have a ways to go. We can focus on our goals and our self esteem, but we can’t deny reputation carries some serious weight on this planet!


    Quick post today. This is a reminder to reflect on and appreciate the beautiful elements of life.

    What gives you serenity?

    For example, I’m thankful for my boyfriend, family, friends, home/community, job, and the arts for adding peace and joy to my life!


    My boyfriend and I were talking about how we wanted to increase the time we spend doing activities that provide us the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and flow state.

    Playing piano is his strongest form of moving meditation and I tap into flow while working from home when the time just flies by!

    Striking a balance among these states is my safe place, but we all have different comfort zones and emotional needs. Overall, I find when I reflect on concepts like these, I alter my habits and become a better, more authentic me.